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World Class Defense and Aerospace Solutions

We develop state of the art solutions for the Indian and Global Aerospace and Defense industry. Our decade long experience in conducting R&D and close understanding of end user requirements makes our solutions exceptionally effective.


Anti-Missile Decoy, Digital Signal Processing and Communication Systems


AI powered Computer Vision, and unmanned vehicle control systems


Customized and mission specific fixedwing and multirotor design

Our Customers


World-class tech research and design

Zoid’s dedicated technical departments, staffed by experts with decades of experience in the field specialise in creating exceptional products through world-class research and development.

User-driven design approach

Our thorough understanding of end-user operational requirements and the ability to customize and optimize our products for a wide range of applications, allows us to develop products that satisfy them the most.

Global tech and Defence collaboration

We partner with renowned tech giants and tap into the expertise of experienced national and international defence personnel, to ensure timely success of every venture.